What are the Best Youth Crossbows?

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Over the last few years, youth crossbows have become increasingly popular with the kids and parents that like to shoot.

Despite being constructed in a similar way as adult crossbows, youth and children’s crossbows are much safer to use. Unlike the adult versions, they have a much shorter draw length and are generally lighter in weight, making them substantially safer and easier to shoot accurately.

Though geared towards kids, these crossbows can actually provide hours of fun for full-grown adults, too!

Below, I’ve reviewed what I think are the 5 best youth crossbows on the market. If you’re a kid, parent of a young crossbow enthusiast, or you happen to be a full-grown adult, read on below.

Barnett 78615 Recruit Recurve Pkg by BarnettBest OverallBarnett 78615 Recruit Recurve Pkg by Barnett

1. Barnett 78615 Recruit Recurve Pkg by Barnett

Our rating: 9 / 10

Barnett 78615 Recruit Recurve Pkg by Barnett

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  • Easy to assemble
  • Accurate
  • Very lightweight
  • Powerful enough to kill game
  • Well-constructed
  • Great price
  • Has good customer service

If there’s one word to describe the Barnett 78615 Recruit Recurve Package, it would be deadly! This crossbow is strong and accurate enough to take down small targets.

The Barnett Recruit is equipped with Barnett 20.5” tactical arrows. It has a draw weight of 165 pounds and an impressive velocity rating of 330 feet per second.

This model is incredibly lightweight and easy to use. It comes with a sight already attached, and it is fully ambidextrous. The Barnett 78615 also has safety, cocking, and loading mechanisms that are all user-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best youth crossbow?

Considering you will be taking your child out in the woods, for safety reasons, you will need to get something they can handle. So, it's best to keep your eyes peeled for the best crossbow for youth. Keeping your children safe is of the utmost importance, and this crossbow is just the right thing to do that.

This crossbow is easy to use, and it comes equipped with a set of instructions that you can use with each time you use the crossbow. Even young kids will have no trouble using this, and they'll have more fun than you know.

The device comes with a 3-point harness, so it's easy to put on the child, and it's designed to ensure they have the control they need.

What is the best crossbow for 2022?

The best youth crossbow for 2022 is the Barnett Ghost 350. In our opinion, this is the best youth crossbow currently on the market for the money. Our main reasons for liking this bow are:

{1}. User friendliness.
{2}. Good accuracy.
{3}. Power.
{4}. Price.

It's super easy to load and shoot this bow and it makes a nice sound too. The lightweight design, before adding safety features, makes it easy for kids to pull down all those pounds of draw weight.

We threw all the parts together to make this a ready-to-go package.

The Barnett Ghost 350 is the best youth crossbow we looked at in our crossbow review, but these others are definitely worth considering:

Barnett Buck Commander: A high-quality, powerful, and accurate crossbow and it will be a hot seller for sure.

Can kids use crossbows?

You better watch out, crossbows can be dangerous! Okay, maybe not that much, but there are some safety issues to keep in mind. For one, you will need to teach your kid to use them properly. Also, the arrows could be dangerous if they stick into a wall or the floor.

I would say that one year of archery experience is a good bare minimum for a kid, but any kid could learn if they are well trained by a parent. I recommend that a kid be at least ten years old before they shoot a crossbow.

I would also say that you might want to use the crossbow for target practice instead of hunting. There is just something a little more ethical about shooting a robot deer with a crossbow than really hunting with a crossbow.

What is the best target for a crossbow?

Just like with any crossbow, your first goal should be to try to find a target that is designed specifically to be shot by a crossbow. Create a pouch out of netting or something similar so that the arrows can easily be plucked out and collected. The alternative is to carefully place your target on a piece of plywood or other material that will let the arrow puncture it without being stuck in the material. Crossbow arrows can get “caught” in the target. This is why it is a good idea to have an alternate material for shooting at.

There are many types of targets available specifically designed for crossbows, although many of them require you to buy more than just the target. A tip for those of you who want to use your own targets is to set up tarps or other material around the target to stop the arrows from being able to bounce around.


The youth crossbow is an excellent tool for teaching children the basics of archery. The major factor is that unlike regular crossbows which require a prod to fire, the youth version has a release mechanism that makes it easy for a child to shoot by themselves. Some options, like the Barnett Jackal Jr, can be even upgraded to accommodate larger arrows and stronger draw weight. Other crossbows are designed specifically for smaller hands and have a smaller draw weight for more junior shooters. Regardless of which option you choose, you can rest assured that he or she will enjoy shooting with it, and establish good shooting fundamentals that they can build on if they want to shoot a full sized crossbow later.

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Barnett 78615 Recruit Recurve Pkg by BarnettBest OverallBarnett 78615 Recruit Recurve Pkg by Barnett