What are some of the Best Bow Peep Sights?

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It used to be that you only had to choose between a few different models of bow peep sights, but today there are so many to choose from that it can be downright confusing. After all, how can you possibly know which one is the best bow sight for your needs?

The good news is that there is a bow sight for everyone out there, regardless of your personal preferences. Whether you want to shoot bow-hunting arrows or target arrows, or whether you want to shoot off the shelf, longbow, or compound bow, you’ll find it in this detailed list we put together just for you.

G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter SightBest OverallG5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight
Carbon Expresss Dusk Vision Peep SightBudget PickCarbon Expresss Dusk Vision Peep Sight
TRUGLO Versa Interchangable Peep Sight Insert SetsUpgrade PickTRUGLO Versa Interchangable Peep Sight Insert Sets

1. G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight

Our rating: 9 / 10

G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight

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  • Fairly easy to install
  • Suitable for both traditional and compound bow arrows
  • Easy to use
  • Will fit on one or two pins
  • Durable

The first thing that you’ll notice about this peep sight is that it comes with two different pin sizes: 29/32 and 11/32. This makes it ideal for a variety of different bows, which is a convenient feature.

The manufacturer included with long wires, which allows you to adjust the sight properly when it’s being fitted to your bow. This is something that you don’t see with many other peep sights, which is great.

This peep sight is available in a small package, but it still offers plenty of premium features. The hooded front sight has something called a double guard, which will help you ensure that your pin doesn’t get knocked out of alignment when you’re shooting.

2. TRUGLO Versa Interchangable Peep Sight Insert Sets

Our rating: 8 / 10

TRUGLO Versa Interchangable Peep Sight Insert Sets

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  • Non-slip adhesive
  • Two inserts per package
  • Very easy to install


  • Not the most adjustable
  • Not ideal for older bows

The TRUGLO Versa Peep Sight is a great option for those looking for a simple bow sight, but still have options in terms of peep sight inserts. The package contains two different peep sight inserts and a package of instructions.

The inserts have both a normal and an open view, and you can use them independently or together. Easily change between the two by simply pushing the peep sight lever back and forth.

The peep sight inserts themselves have a non-slip adhesive on them, which makes them super easy to install. You simply peel off the backing on the dots and stick them to the bow sight.

3. Carbon Expresss Dusk Vision Peep Sight

Our rating: 5 / 10

Carbon Expresss Dusk Vision Peep Sight

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These peep sights are readily available, so you can order as soon as you have your bow. You will want to match the diameter of the peep sight to the diameter of your bow. There are several different sizes to choose from that are available to give you the best performance when aiming. They are super easy to put on your bow and will be compatible with any layered bow. The value of these make them well worth the investment. The extremely affordable price combined with the level of accuracy is what makes these popular.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I use a peep sight on my bow?

This depends on you and your shooting preferences. For most shooters, a peep sight is a good option. For others, it’s not. The longer you shoot the bow the less you will rely on the peep just because it’s there. In fact, some people eventually don’t even use a peep at all.

Peep sights are very useful for new shooters. It’s always easier to learn how to shoot with a peep when you can place the entire target in focus because it’s in the middle of the sight. For this reason, buying a bow with a peep built in (fixed) is always the best option for new or younger archers.

What should I see through my peep sight?

The idea behind a peep sight is to create a clear way to see the pin while your eyes are getting used to the darkness. Once you are used to the darkness, it is no longer necessary to view the pin through the peep. Once you know what you are shooting at, it’s okay to look at the target.

In general, you don’t need to spend much to get a reasonable peep sight. Think of it as an addition to the bow and not as a piece on its own. Many fixed-pin sights are made to be very adjustable and then pinned in a specific location. However, between adjusting and the pin standing up above the sight…many have found that they can get a solid sight picture from a cheaper fixed-pin sight, so don’t be afraid to forgo the expensive adjustable sight.

What are the best bow sights?

This may be the best bow sight because it has all the features I have been looking for in a bow sight. But before you rush out to buy one of these, you may want to consider your own needs. What type of bow and what type of shooting are you looking for? Do you want a single pin, or a 3 pin, 4 pin, or multi-pin sight? Are you shooting today? What's your budget? The range of bow sights runs the gamut from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. But don't let that stop you. It's your money and your decision. This bow sight has a 15mm dovetail and 1" pin diameter. It also has 3 pin sizes to choose from. This bow sight comes in an unbeatable value and it comes from a highly reputable manufacturer.

Are peep sights more accurate?

If you are just looking to shoot at a long distance and not concerned with the speed of your shot, I would say yes, a peep sight is more accurate. A peep sight provides a very clear and narrow target right in front of the shooter's eye similar to the view that you would get through a scope. The rhodium (as in the example picture) provides a very white target that will really stand out against the background.

If you are concerned with speed, then you will have to shoot both sights to see which one you prefer.


There are so many different sights on the market, but we believe the TruGlo Bowmaster really stands out. The bow sight is sturdily constructed, easy to install, and comes with a lifetime warranty. We recommend this sight because it makes sighting in so easy and it has other added features that make it easier to shoot and aim. This includes a heavy duty bracket. It also delivers a nice 2x optical zoom.

Our Recommendation

G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter SightBest OverallG5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight
Carbon Expresss Dusk Vision Peep SightBudget PickCarbon Expresss Dusk Vision Peep Sight
TRUGLO Versa Interchangable Peep Sight Insert SetsUpgrade PickTRUGLO Versa Interchangable Peep Sight Insert Sets