25 Reasons Archery is Good For Kids

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When learning archery, children learn to focus and concentrate on the sport. This is important because archery isn’t an easy sport. The success of the child’s arrows depends on how well he or she can focus. It can teach them self-discipline and self-control, since if they lose focus, they won’t be successful.

A year round sport

Archery is a year round sport. You can shoot in the rain, sleet, snow or even sunshine.

Teaches self discipline

Archery is less about skill than about practice and patience. Either your child learns to follow through or he doesn't. That's valuable for the classroom but also for life.

Children are also learning patience, as they wait their turn and stand quietly while others are shooting.

Self discipline, and it means that they don't get to give up when they make a mistake or their first shot wasn't perfect. There are no retakes in life, or on the kindergarten playground.

Self discipline in classes teaches that when they make a mistake it isn't the end of the world. They've learned to to keep going, to put in the effort until they get it right.

Children need to learn to stand still, learn patience, and attention to detail, and also the pride of accomplishment that comes with having patience and staying focused.

These are all life skills, and very valuable.

It teaches the child to focus. If they learn to be focused and attentive, then this is a huge part of the learning process. They are learning discipline, which means that when a teacher is trying to teach them something they will sit quietly to learn it, instead of running around because their minds are only thinking about the playground. If they learn discipline in school then they are less likely to act up and be distracted in class. It shows children that if they focus, and practice they will improve, instead of just giving up.

Problem solving

Archery teaches patience and problem-solving skills, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand, without feeling overwhelmed by outside distractions.

Learning how to fail

Archery offers a multitude of opportunities for you and your child to learn from mistakes. With this new sport, it will be a common occurrence for. If you are never afraid to allow them to fail once in a while, you'll know that they will also be less likely to be afraid to take a chance on something new in the future.

Great upper body workout.

Not only does archery help develop strong arms and fingers, but you'll probably be surprised at how sturdy those legs will become after regularly enjoying this sport with your child. It is important for kids to develop their leg muscles as well as their upper body muscles, and this sport gets both of those areas in a good workout.

Teaches Natural Coordination.

Since an arrow is pulled back to the ear so that the string is almost against the ear when it is released, there is a unique feeling that kids get when holding this back. It offers a different kind of coordination and a different sense of control that many sports do not offer.

Teaches hand/eye coordination.

Just about everything in life requires some kind of hand/eye coordination, and this sport offers a unique opportunity to boost levels of this vital coordination. Not only does it go hand-in-hand but it is also eye-in-hand when it comes to pulling back and hitting the target! Kids learn how to find and use targets as they shoot.

Sportsmanship and teamwork

Like many other sports, archery requires respect for your teammates and your opponents.

Friendships can be made, and conflicts can be resolved through project based archery such as bowmaking, target building, and harvesting arrows from downed targets.

Improved physical health

Many parents fail to realise just how good archery is for boosting their children’s physical health. Because it is a sport that actually involves getting out of the house and exercising, it can help to get your children away from that TV/Computer screen and into a healthier lifestyle. Archery’s fantastic for helping children to build up their strength and stamina, whilst also teaching them about their surroundings.

Archery is also a great way to get children to some physical exercise and to encourage an active lifestyle. It could also help to boost the confidence of a child, especially a younger one, who isn’t outgoing and likes to sit back and enjoy nature.

It’s also a great way to enforce the importance of exercise.

Balance, stability and co-ordination

Are top targets in a child’s physical development, and they all come into play when they’re practicing archery. Whereas most outdoor activities involve using a lot of upper-body strength and very little from the lower body, the opposite is true of archery.

Dealing with pressure

A study of 159 athletes showed that those who used archery for training were significantly better at coping with pressure, especially when that pressure was coming from within.

Mentally Challenged Hands

"I was always a good hand," said the master of archery.

Warding off Toxins

Not only is it a good idea to make sure our own toxins are eliminated, but our livers are our main defense at eliminating toxins from the inside.

"The liver is the most important organ for the body," said Dr. Blumberg. "The liver is responsible for the overall functioning of the body."

Stress Relief

Archery is a form of belly breathing that fires up the parasympathetic nervous system, which is your "rest and digest" response.

Improved Eyesight

The eye muscles are exercised, the peripheral vision improves, and, finally, a healthy punctuation of the eyes is promoted.

Multi-Tasking Works

At the same time as you're focusing on the bulls-eye, you also have had to retain the images of your drawing position and your bow motion.

More Natural

Since archery is such a natural fit for humans, it almost feels like you've been doing it all your life.

Improved Focus

The more you practice, the better you get. An archer learns to focus on one thing at a time without being distracted.


A successful compound bow shot requires that the archer be patient. The archer scouts for her best shot, pulls back on the string of the bow, aims, and then waits for the perfect moment to release the arrow.


Focus, Patience, and Discipline.

These four traits are crucial for success in academics and life in general. Archery requires all four and enhances the development of each very well.

Every shot taken is a decision and a commitment. Are you going to release the bow? If you release, can you hit the target? If you don’t release, it may be too late!


Archery can focus a child on the task at hand and improve self-control. They may have trouble with the repetitive motion of drawing the bow while holding it full draw for several seconds; but it’s an important skill for long-term success.


Archery also requires patience. Holding a full draw for a few seconds is a good way to develop it. The longer they can wait, the better the chance they will have of hitting the target!


Finally, archery requires a child to stick to the plan. They need to draw and release and repeat. They need to improve their technique and work on their scores. Archery teaches these life-long skills very well.


One of the most important aspects of archery is that there is a lot of focus required for success. Kids can learn self-control from the right type of archery training.

Self-awareness and confidence

Becoming more familiar with your actions will help you to assess when you do something you shouldn’t. You will be able to remain confident in your actions and this will help you gain respect from your peers.

Targets and goal setting

One thing most people do not realize about archery is that it provides a target or goal to shoot for. When one is not set upon by the unseen, target, many archers have little ability to aim and concentrate properly. This concentration is exactly what archery provides and being able to shoot for a target or goal is exactly what any person that in any way takes an interest in archery finds very helpful. It helps to improve hand-eye coordination also.

Mental acuity and reaction time

A lot of kids have a hard time with mental and physical challenges. The moment when they are bored because of a sharpness in the brain or the condition of the body, they may tend to do something very dangerous and not safe at all. You need to understand that the wisdom is an important part of the body, so it is encouraging that you can help your child develop it with archery.

When you start practicing, you can help your child build up great skills with her or his mind, allowing them to react quickly, respond appropriately, and focus at different times of the practice. Archery is one of the best sports in the world, and thus, it is a must try for anyone who values focus and paying attention to details.

Physical Skills

After the mind has been sharpened, it is best to keep the child's body in shape. He or she can develop their coordination, keep the muscles in shape, and help them make their fitness goals so much easier to reach. If you or your kid can play this game, it can be a great choice to make for both of you.

Safety and responsibility

Archery is, by its nature, a safe sport. Proper equipment dictates safe practice. If all the equipment, safety instructions, and warnings are followed, there's no danger of injury while shooting. All equipment should be inspected regularly to ensure that it is functioning correctly. It's also safe in that there is no contact between the archer and the target. No friendly belly rubs or high fives as dad hits the target or no painful tumbles for the archer when the string breaks.

This safe environment is a perfect place for beginners to develop discipline and focus, as they must concentrate to follow all safety and equipment rules. That attention to responsibility also carries over as you continue to shoot, whether it's at backyard targets or on the range.

By learning to coordinate your body, mind and equipment, you'll improve your physical coordination and develop mental focus. You'll concentrate better, retain more and be able to make better decisions, skills that are transferable to any field, sport or life endeavor. Teaching kids to shoot can help instill life-long discipline, and responsibility.


Archery is a great way to develop the ability to focus and concentrate for a long period of time. You will need to completely ignore every other thing in the world to be a good archer.

It will also help kids with focus management in school. They will get better at tuning out any background noise, and being able to concentrate on the things that are more important.

This will also help them retain more information if they have trouble remembering things at school, or in the classroom.

Helps kids with dedication.

Learning archery can teach kids a lot about dedication. It takes a lot of time for some sports to become good at them. Being able to have perseverance, can teach a kid a lot that they can carry through the rest of their lives.

Develops Visual and Hand-Eye Coordination

One of the best skills that kids are able to learn through archery is coordination. Coordination is a very useful set of skills that will be beneficial a lot in their life.

This is especially true if they play sports. Most sports require a high level of coordination that all starts with archery.

Develops Flexibility

Developing flexibility will help kids with their fitness and getting into an athletic shape. There are few sports out there that have the same kind of flexibility as archery.


No matter their age or skill level, kids can go out and shoot their first bullseye. In archery, every shot is a success, as long as it's pointed in the right direction.

Get outdoors

Whether you use a compound bow or a recurve bow, kids can experience nature and sunshine while having fun. This helps boost serotonin and melatonin levels, and reduces stress. A study from Robin Hood Schools at the University of Nottingham found that girls who take archery also improved their social skills, patience, and confidence.


Often physical activities are gender-specific, but archery makes a great sport because there are practically no gender stereotypes. It may have a few, but it is no more nor less than any other sport reasonably engaged with shooting.

This makes it a great sport for kids that are true to their heart, regardless of their gender.

Creative Expression

One of the great things about archery is that it is far from a shoot from the hip activity. It can be approached creatively and it gives kids the time and space to do so.

The time kids spend playing around with archery can be a way for them to brainstorm and come up with new ideas and solutions to their problems.


Just like the study shows us that free play leads to learning in a variety of ways, archery is also a way of facilitating learning. Not only does it teach consistency and good timing, it teaches responsibility.

While it may be daunting for a child to learn how to correctly shoot an arrow, once they develop a routine for it, and know which steps to follow, they are rewarded with a sense of achievement.

Friends and Family

After completing this hobby, kids are not only more likely to make new friends and interact better with others, they are also likely to develop a better relationship with their family.

Social mix

Archery is an excellent sport for children to socialize. Not only with each other but also it develops their social skills with other people.

  • Focus: Concentration is learned and develops so that your child learn.
  • Effective technique: For the player to know do not develop the technique and is engaged in tennis or some other sport with the archery.
  • Behavior: Correct behavior is encouraged from an early age and the child.
  • Giveness: to children you have to nurture so that the child understand that in this environment you can not win everything and everyone at least.


There is no greater thrill in archery than the first day you get the hang of it! I can remember vividly the afternoon I drew my first bow and released the arrow with the target in sight. I was hooked! You can practice archery with your children for very little money and the equipment needed is simple and easily found. Archery has the potential to be a very inexpensive hobby, and if you are lucky you can get partially or fully sponsored. There’s something for everyone.


Growing up is hard. Everyday, kids are bombarded with negative influences from modern-day television, internet, and video games. The best defense you has as a parent to help your child grow into a positive, productive, and well-adjusted adult is to expose them to positive influences. Bow hunting is just one of the things that can help your child develop a positive self-image, and overall character.

When your child is able to eliminate his target and walk into the woods with a successful catch, he will get a sense of self-confidence and self-esteem he can carry with him for a lifetime. When a child is feeling good about himself and the world around him, he is less likely to want to throw his life away by bullying others, getting involved with the wrong crowd, or taking drugs (the so-called “drug of choice” these days is called self-loathing).


Archery builds self-confidence and friendships. There is a lot of team work involved in an archery session. While you are standing in the line waiting for your turn to shoot, it gives you an opportunity to make friends with the other people who are standing in line for their shot.

You won't have to wait for the other team to sit down. While you are waiting, you can be practicing, having fun, and learning. For those who are looking for a way to make friends, this is a perfect opportunity to do so.

It’s cool!

A high quality bow will get your kids excited about using it. You will be teaching them something that, for most, will require a lifetime to master. There are even bows that are build for kids. A quality bow is not that expensive, but may last them a lifetime. Incorporate it with your children’s activities and they will love to use it.

You can build on the bow skills and teach them archery. The younger they start using it, the earlier they can start competing. Before you know it, you will be a coach. This is great bonding time with your child. Time that is memorable for you both. These are the memories that our families are built on and that will last a lifetime.