Our Glossary of Interesting Archery Terms

Anthony Cote
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=>This is a term for when you hit the arrow center of the target.


=>This refers to the activities that can be performed when your bow is drawn or your hands have the arrow in the bow. Make sure that you understand exactly what kind of activity you are allowed to do with your bow depending on the situation. This is very important. Some activities may put you in a dangerous situation and cause you to lose your bow, so it is important to know how much you can do when drawing the bow.

Aiming Window

=>A small portion of the sight that is attached to the bow. This sight is also attached to your bow’s string, so as you move the arrow, the aiming window moves as well. It is also called the pin.


=>This is a slang term for when you palm the handle of your bow. This is extra grip that you can give yourself. This is awesome for extra grip and will be necessary for the most difficult shots, but if you give yourself too much you will be giving yourself a bit of extra weight and difficulty to draw, so make sure that you do not overdo it.


=>This is the thing that you set on the string. This is what flies through the air when you shoot your bow.