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Top 8 Retro Bows for Pixel Lovers

With its beautiful, pixel-perfect art style, The Deer God is the perfect tale of suffering and sacrifice. In the game, you play as a deer who was struck down by a meteor and transformed into a human. In addition to this devastating ordeal, your fellow deer are systematically killed off by horned demons. And the worst part? You’re stuck inside the body of a human, therefore unable to defend yourself. It’s quite the amazing story.

Gameplay is pretty straightforward in most adventure games. You move around in a 2D environment and solve puzzles of varying complexity. In The Deer God‖the first 3D game on this list—you do not use a controller, but instead play with the 3DS touchscreen. You control your movements and actions by tapping on the touchscreen.

The game’s story is best told through its unique artistic approach. Deer images are heavily pixelated and the art style is something you will either completely love or hate.

The Shallows is a semi-casual archery title that revolves around a happy-go-lucky archer called Tennyo. Tennyo can be controlled by either a keyboard or a controller (Xbox 360), making her a responsive, somewhat challenging archer to control.

8 – Bow (Suikoden)

7 – Elf/Archer Class (Gauntlet)

Each character has their own set of strengths and weaknesses when it comes to using a bow. In Gauntless, there are 8 different characters that you can play as. Out of these 8 characters, 3 of them are archer archetypes. For the purpose of this article, I will be referring to these 3 characters as archers.

If you like using a bow, then you are in luck! There are many different games that support 1, 2, or 3 archers in the party. In some of these games, you can choose the individual archer, while others have a small variety of archers to choose from. In the latter, choosing an archer really doesn’t make a big difference other than aesthetic.

6 – The Tsunami (Terraria)

5 – Bow (Minecraft)

This game is amazing. If you have not played it yet then you need to go download it now. It is free! You get to run around and survive. At night, monsters come out and some of the higher difficulty modes even have a boss that comes out. It's amazing.

4 – Bow and Arrow (Titan Souls)

A beautiful game that features so much different aspects to it. You start off with one boss but as you kill it off you will start to unlock all of the other bosses. Each boss has their own unique areas and styles of fighting.

Controls – You don't have any controls to worry about at all. The entire game is done like a retro game. But nothing in this game is retro. Everything looks amazing and is phenomenally done.

Difficulty – This game has a lot of difficult puzzles that get harder and harder as you progress. The bosses are easily hard to beat.

Story – The story really doesn't play a big factor in this game. It will show you the story only from time to time as you're playing.

Amount of Replay – If you find the game hard you might go back to play it again but if you can beat it then you won't need to.

Replay Ability – You don't get to unlock any new characters, abilities, or any type of extras.

Recommendation – If you're looking for a retro game that will give you a challenge then this is for you. You don't have any items to use except your bow and an arrow. The level design is phenomenal and the bosses all look amazing.

Score – 8.7/10

Platform- PS4, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

3 – Bow (TowerFall)

2 – Archery (Track & Field)

1 – Sacred Bow (Kid Icarus)

In Kid Icarus, the Sacred Bow is used to shoot arrow-shaped projectiles from the Angel’s wings to defeat enemies. It is the most basic and versatile weapon in the game.

The player can hold down the button to charge up the bow. When the player releases the button, the Sacred Bow fires three arrows at a time. The player can shoot multiple projectiles at a time, and the length of the arrows’ range is approximately equal to three side-scroll screens, which will vary depending on the layout of the level.

Our Top 7 Crossbows in Video Games

7 – Crossbow (Link’s Crossbow Training)

Keep your archery skills sharp with this fan-favorite Wii title by Nintendo. North American Target shoppers are invited to pick up a limited-edition Samus-themed copy of the game this week. In the game, players are guided through a number of archery challenges presented in a 3D environment.

6 – Bianca (Dragon Age)

In Dragon Age: Origins, you can save Bianca from being hanged in the Deep Roads. Bianca is a popular woman with the locals in Lothering, and her popularity also influences your ability to sell your goods there. Her affection for you is also key to a companion joining your party.

5 – Bowgun (Resident Evil 4)

@@ – Bowgun (Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition)

@@ – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest

@@ – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

@@ – Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure

@@ – PixelJunk Shooter

@@ – Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Burning Earth:

@@ – Army of Two: The 40th Day

@@ – Turok Evolution

@@ – F.E.A.R. 3

@@ – Raptor: Call of the Shadows

@@ – Wario World

@@ – Scooby-Doo! Mystery Mayhem

@@ – Time Crisis: Crisis Zone

4 – Agony Crossbow (The Evil Within)

You can get the crossbow in the neon construction area of the game.

3 – Mamushi Type-14 Crossbow (Shadow Warrior)

2 – Resistance Crossbow (Half-Life 2)

The Half Life series is famous for its weapons. The crossbow is one of the first in the series and while the pistol is usually the weapon of choice, the crossbow is strikingly effective, and there are many who will argue that it is equally or more effective than the sniper rifle.

The crossbow has seven types of arrow, including stun, tripwire, target decoy, and even a rocket propelled arrow. The crossbow proves to be very effective when you need a quiet kill. Sometimes one shot is all you need, and sometimes, you will need a few, but when you need a quick first shot, the crossbow is the one to go with.

Plus, there is nothing like finishing off the last enemy in the room, not to mention, it is a silent way to kill. The crossbow is an impressively designed weapon, combining a highly customized hunting weapon with a high-tech military weapon.

1 – Crossbow (BioShock)

5 of the Most Magical Game Bows

There are many bow and arrow video games on the market so here are 5 of the most magical game bows that you can choose from:

{1}. Splitgate: Arena Warfare (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch) – the bow is one of the most iconic weapons of mankind and in this game it is brought into the future with a unique twist. Splitgate’s bow is sleek, futuristic and game-changing. It is easy to fire and reload, and it is simply a fun weapon to have in your arsenal.
{2}. Sleeping Dogs (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) – the bow has been a part of the Sleeping Dogs series as the signature weapon of Wei Shen. First introduced in Hong Kong and Macau, it made it’s way to US shores in the most recent Sleeping Dogs game. If you want a bow that can keep up with you, you need the Sleeping Dogs bow.
{3}. Uncharted (Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, PC) – while there are guns in this game, there are also bows. The bow is a popular weapon in video games, but this bow is very popular. It is powerful and makes you feel like the ultimate hero in the game. If you want an awesome bow, you need to get the Uncharted bow by Naughty Dog.

5 – Venus Bow (Chrono Trigger)

Chrono Trigger was developed by Square and originally released on the SNES, and later ported to the PlayStation, Windows, Dreamcast, PSN and Wiiware. It is considered one of the best role playing games.

The main character, Crono, starts with a bow, which can then be upgraded.

The bow has an unlimited amount of charges and the only way that it can be run out of charges is if you fire it off too often, in which case it will not fire arrows until you lower its number of charges.

You can also find improvement at an early point in time, which you can use to upgrade the amount of charges that the bow has.

4 – Bow of Light (Legend of Zelda)

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the highly anticipated prequel to The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker. It is a story about a young man named Link who travels between two worlds: Hyrule and an alternate reality known as the World of the Twilight. The game is scheduled to be released in November, and will be the first game in the popular series to be based on a handheld system.

Twilight Princess is a third person adventure game similar to Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Along with the updated graphics, the game contains a variety of motion controls which can be used to greatly enhance how a player interacts with the game.

In addition, the game will feature a number of new items and move sets, and for the first time, players will be able to experience the game as a wolf.

3 – Artemis (Devil May Cry 3)

2 – Arrowguns (Kingdom Hearts)

1 – Kafka (Bayonetta 2)

Our Top 6 Sci-Fi Favorites

6 – Torque Bow (Gears of War)

Torque Bow is one of the Gears of War video games weapons you need to use with great care. This powerful gun is more than just one of the best bow and arrow video games, but it's also one of the best video games weapons in Gears of War.

Its Bullet Force’s virtual reality bow and arrow video game offers a variety of play: from the bow and arrow video game with its simulation technology and archery gameplay, to bows, combos, strategies, weapons, and game modes. A particularly fun part of this game is bow and arrow video game classes, it offers a choice of between sniper, hunter, and soldier class: providing an authentic simulation, as well as updated versions of the bow and arrow you can choose between.

5 – War Bow (Horizon: Zero Dawn)

Your character uses a bow that appears to be a composite bow (self built bow fashioned from a mixture of different materials – in this case it looks like a combination of fibrous stalk, wood and metal). The aim of the bow is to completely pull the string of the bow back in order to gain power.

If you're wondering why this bow made this particular list, well let me just ask – has anyone else played Horizon: Zero Dawn? I'm not sure how many of you guys have tried to play Zero Dawn but let me just say that it is NOT an easy game to play. I tried every day for three months and could never get beyond the second Main Mission. Horizon: Zero Dawn is pack full of action, massive boss fights and surprising plot twists; but the thing that this game does best, is its amazing weapon KI. It is simply amazing.

Anyway, enough about the game for now. Basically what this game does is it gives you the opportunity to shoot arrows in a completely different way. For instance, you actually need to pull the string of your bow back to complete the shot, rather than have the arrow shot for you automatically. This game is by far the best bow and arrow game I have ever played, and I love every minute of it.

4 – Rakta Cernos (Warframe)

The Rakta Cernos is a bow that was released with Archwing, Digital Extremes's addition to the popular free-to-play warframe. This bow's design was inspired by the trinity of Shiva, Luna, and Atlas, and its mechanics seem to be largely based on Atlas's bows. The unique thing about the Rakta Cernos is the way in which it is built by the user. The bow it's self is able to be customized in a variety of ways. This means that there are two versions of this bow, the original Rakta Cernos and the Rakta Cernos with an attatchment known as Loki's Bargain. The Loki's Bargain attatchment lowers the rate of fire of the Rakta Cernos but increases the power of the arrows that it fires.

3 – Helsing (Metro)

Set in an alternate post-apocalypse, Helsing are one-man hunter that travels through monster-infested lands (such as Norway). With the option to choose the character you play as in the PS4 version of the game, you can select from an ex-cop girl, a Helsing named Valentine, or even Max. Valentine’s story missions are more challenging than Max’s (in some missions, you have to make her climb a tree to get a long-distance shot on a moving enemy). She’s also a master archer, and you can use her as a character and on a number of missions. Max, as the name implies, is the rugged and macho character. He plays differently than the other two, because he’s a brawler-type of hunter with a bit more health than the other two. One of the main differences between the girls and Max is he doesn’t like getting hit, while the girls are more forgiving. In addition, Max’s bow allows for different types of head shots, while the arrows shot by the girls travel in a straight line.

2 – Tek Bow (Turok)

  • 4 – Bowman (PSX)
  • 5 – Doom (PSX)
  • 7 – Malice (NES)
  • 9 – Target (GB)
  • 11 – Genesis 6-Pak (Genesis)
  • 14 – Hoyle Official Book of Games vol. 2: Games With Bows (Genesis)
  • 17 – Super Smash Bros. (N64)
  • 19 – Archer Maclean’s 3D Pool (GB)
  • 21 – Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (GB)
  • 23 – Hoyle Official Book of Games vol. 3: Puzzle Games (Genesis)
  • 25 – Hoyle, Official Book of Games 54 Games (NES)
  • 27 – Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood (Genesis)

1 – Predator Bow (Crysis 3)

In Crysis there exists a nanosuit that allows you to warp time and space to your advantage. I have no idea what the suit is comprised of, or what it even looks like, but I know it allows you to do some wicked things with a bow and arrow.

The tutorial is extremely helpful when you’re trying to get your head around jumping off of stuff while stabbing enemies in the neck.

With a slew of magazines, and time-warp melee, this game is full of fun ways to use a bow and arrow. Most objectives can be met by using only a bow, but the game will always provide a simple gun for convenience.

The Most Real? – 4 Great VR Bows

4 – Bow (#Archery)

ARO : Play With Bow And Arrow

Bow & Arrow Adventure

Touch Archer 2: Galaxy Wars

BowMaster for Android

Bowling, Backgammon and Pool.

Skull Shot (Bow and Arrow)

Juiced 3: HIN (Bow and Arrow)

3 – Manticore (Twisted Arrow)

Manticore might be the closest a Wii owner is going to get to the archery-focused Assassin's Creed series. In it, you play as an Amazonian woman with a bow and arrow, and the goal is to eliminate the Roman dictator Nero. Alongside your bow, you can use other weapons like spears and swords, but in true Assassin's Creed/Assassin's Creed II fashion, a bow and arrow is your best friend.

2 – Longbow (The Lab)

1 – Bow (QuiVr)

Is This The Worst Archery Game Ever?

From the jump, I gravitated towards the game's biggest flaw and it's unforgivable use of a mouse cursor. It's the sort of thing that can take a game with already dubious immersion in the bow and arrow wielding experience and turn it into the live action version of Guitar Hero. I have every confidence that such a comparison has never been made before, but now that it's been brought to light. No doubt you'll see a lot more of them.

At Last – Our Top 20 Bow and Arrow Games!

From old western shoot ’em ups to modern archery games, we’ve finally noméd down the bow and arrow games that are fun, challenging, and don’t feel like work! If we don’t even have your favorite archery game on our list. Place your suggestions on our Facebook Fan Page and we’ll make sure to get you taken care of =)

Well, there you have it “ Forty bow and arrow games to be exact. I hope you enjoyed our list of bow and arrow games and please remember to share this list with others =)

20 – Bow and Arrow (Shadow of the Colossus)

If you’ve played Shadow of the Colossus then you know the big deal is killing massive monsters in the most interesting strategic ways. Cause these giants to fall by shooting arrows into their knees and face.

19 – Storm Bow (Overwatch)

18 – Wrath of the Ancients (Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies)

You can start this Easter egg by collecting 12 scattered pieces of the rune stone. Once you have them all, use the electric panel on the wall in the room with the cats to reveal the final piece, and place the stone to activate it. After doing this step, you will have to collect the body parts of "Nikolai" and once you do, the "Catatonic" Easter egg will begin. You can complete this Easter egg by collecting all 48 mementos scattered throughout the map. You will need to go to the "Spawn" room, and collect them from floor lockers.

13 – Classic (Far Cry 2)

In the back of the hanger there's a place where you can shoot and knock down the airplanes. To do this you have to go to the hanger and into the second hangar with the planes. Climb the stairs and see that a soldier will shoot at you. Wait for him to stop and run towards the planes. Shoot down the planes and you will see a short movie about a pile of money with a flare on it.

18 – Yana (Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies)

17 – Bow (Legend of Zelda)

16 – Composite Bow (Dark Souls)

15 – Darkening Storm (Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen)

14 – Huntsman (Team Fortress 2)

You will face the enemy straight in the eye and shoot at him from a distance. The bow is your best bet in case you don’t have enough snipers and you can also use it to look around obstacles and scout the area. Just try to get a headshot and you’ll deal great damage.

13 – Archer Class (Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II)

This class is designed to be much like it was in the olden days. The archers were there to support the front line of soldiers, not to be the front line of soldiers. This class has a lot of defensive perks, but very little offensive.

The goal of this class is to stay out of the fray. You aren’t supposed to beat the hell out of the other players. You are supposed to help defend towers or the castle gate. This is done by using your bow and arrow as well as your speed boost skill. This class is built to run away from danger, and also to attack the weak spots of the other classes.

The archer uses a bow and arrow, and a number of special arrows. He also has the infamous speed boost skill, allowing him to run faster than any other class. He can also fire arrows across the map, which make him deadly accurate with his bow.

12 – Dragonbone Bow (Skyrim)

This weapon was the first of its kind to be made in the game. It was made by the famous blacksmith Eorlund Gray-Mane. The bow’s traits can be upgraded after you are successful in crafting the weapon. When it is upgraded to its final form, it is given a unique enchantment called the Inf Force Burst. This enchantment is incredibly uncommon and can easily be regarded as the best enchant for bows available in the game. It is because of this enchant that makes this weapon the best in the whole list. Its base damage is also really high. In total, it can deal up to 108 damage when not upgraded or up to 96 damage while an upgrade is applied.

11 – Bow (Thief)

In N’nheim, some Dwarves have decided to help fight the dragon Baffan, and they need an archer. This is your opportunity to appear on the stage with Thief game. Despite being one of the first games in the Thief series, the plot, the gameplay, the graphics, and the animation are already fabulous. In this game, the main mission is to infiltrate the castle and fight many enemies, including sorcerer Gloomoth. In the game, you can use a variety of arrows with different effects, and you can sneak into places that are hard to access, and you can use magic. You will feel very interested in this awesome game.

10 – Recurve Bow (Far Cry)

9 – Bow (The Last of Us)

Let's start off with the game that most of us likely have had played, The Last of Us. It's no surprise that this game made the list, since it's one of the most touted video games of all time. While it may be violent, it is one of the greatest games to ever be made.

8 – Elm Self Bow (War of the Roses)

This is the weapon that powers The Stoneborn, a class in the hit game War of the Roses. It’s a slow-shooting bow that fires arrows that have a deadly do-or-die path. The bow itself doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, but that’s easily remedied by firing fast. You can even pair this bow up with a sword and shield in order to deal a little more damage, making this weapon more viable.

7 – Archery (Wii Sports Resort)

6 – Longbow (Resident Evil 5)

5 – Azkâr (Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor)

You can’t destroy a Wraith, but you can trick it.

4 – Bow of the Dragonhorn (Dark Messiah of Might & Magic)

3 – Khergit Bow (Mount & Blade: Warband)

2 – Compound Bow (Tomb Raider)

PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and Xbox.

The original model of the compound bow may appear a little dated when wound up against the hi-tech bows of the game’s follow-up title, but the weapon still serves an important role in the game and is given some brand new features.

Easily Lara’s most important weapon, the bow is not only useful in the jungle and deep caves, but is also a key tool in the game’s combat mechanics. Using the bow to pin multiple enemies to the wall is certainly a giggle, but it’s the powerful concentrated arrow strikes fired from the bow that really make this weapon enjoyable.

The bow has plenty of upgrade’s and attachments to customise it, as well as a variety of arrow types. Upgrades include just about every attachment you could imagine being bolted onto a bow.

1 – The Longbow (Age of Chivalry)

The primary weapon of the Archer. This is the go to weapon for most players, and is equipped on all standard configurations.

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