How to Quickly Find Your Perfect Recurve Bow Size

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Using Draw Length to find your Bow Size

The first step to buying a recurve bow is determining your bow size. To determine the correct bow size, you need to know two things: your draw length and bow weight.

Your draw length is the measurement from your elbow to the tip of your longest finger, with a relaxed draw.

Since the thumb is often not straight or in a position that can be measured accurately, ask yourself "If I drew my bow and placed a target on my thumb, would I hit the target?" If the answer is yes, that is your draw length.

Bow weight is measured in pounds or ounces. An average recurve bow weight for a beginner is around 30 lbs.

To find your bow size, take your draw length, divide it in half, and add 1 to the total. For example, if your draw length is 18" then your formula would be (18/2)+1=27.

Most bows are measured using the AMO system. This means the total is rounded off to the next lower AMO size. For example, if you measured 27.5 inches then your bow would be classified as a 28 inch bow.

A better idea when shopping for your bow is to bring a measuring tape & measure from your elbow to the top of your middle finger. This will give you the proper measurement without any additional math.

Recurve Draw Length and Bow Size

Recurve Bow Draw Length and Bow Size: If you explore the World Wide Web you will find that a lot of recurve bow reviews and forums discuss one thing: optimal recurve bow size based on your height. It is advised to always choose a shorter recurve bow, since the draw length is the most important thing for a good shooting experience. You want to make sure that you do not have to overstrain. Therefore, you should choose your recurve bow with a draw length your outer thigh bone (where the muscle jumps to your leg bone). The good news is that you can shorten the bow if you need to shoot further (see the chapter: “How To Change Your Draw Length”).

The good news is that you can use an app to measure the draw length of your fore arm to give you an idea of how long your bow should be.

To measure your recurve bow size, you can use an online app or go to your local archery shop to get your true recurve bow length.

Archer Height and Bow Size Chart

Some people are completely new to archery and don’t have the slightest idea about the equipments and its sizes. You need to know the size, draw weight, and some other important factors that directly affect your chances of hitting the target.

There are several equipment out there that need a certain body size to hold it properly, and if you are a beginner then getting the right bow and arrow combo for your size is really essential. Some brands include a chart that help you to find out the right size for you. But if the brand doesn’t have such a chart, then you can find it out using some simple steps.

Here’s the technique you need to try out if you don’t have any equipment with you on the hunting trip:

Stand up straight with your bow hand extended in front of your torso. Place your thumb and index finger to your nose. Step forward until the tips of your middle finger touch your nose.

To find out your bow size, you can also draw your bow, just about an inch and see how much string is visible. Next, lay the string straight down, measure the length, which is about 8-inches, and find the middle of it and wrap tape over it until it fits for your hand.