Global and US Archery Associations and Organizations

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What is an archery association?

Archery associations are responsible for the creation and distribution of rules and practical knowledge of competitive archery at all levels of competition. The archery associations ensure that everyone is playing by the established rules. Archery associations strive to promote sport in the regions that they represent. Many archery associations also facilitate the training of officials at a large level.

The archery associations are run by the National governing bodies. In the USA this is the USA Archery Association. USA Archery creates and enforces the rules and regulations regarding the administration of the sport. The USA Archery association also facilitates the training of officials at a large level.

Global Organizations and Bodies

  • ISU (International Shooting Union)
  • ASO (Archery Sport Organization)
  • CWAF (Commonwealth World Archery Federation)
  • FITA (International Federation of Archery)

There have been many organizations that have failed over many years or are no longer used. Some due to union problems or disagreements on the proper use of funds. There is a lack of information on many organizations.

World Archery

The World Archery Federation (WA, , FITA), established in 1931 and based in Lausanne, Switzerland, is the governing body of international archery. It presides over World Archery Championships, Archery World Cups and Archery World Series. Amateur archery is regulated by the World Archery Federation (WA, , FITA), while professional archery is regulated by the World Archery Federation (WA, , FITA) and World Archery (WA, , IFAA).

The archery competition at the 1908 and the 1920 Summer Olympics was held at National Sporting Clubs (NSC), in London, Great Britain. Seven nations competed in each Olympics. The National Sporting Club was largely used for the archery competition during the 19th century.

Archery is an outdoor sport and Olympic sport in which competitors use a bow to shoot arrows. The sport has its roots in hunting and combat. In its Olympic form, archery involves shooting at a target for accuracy from a set distance or distances.

HDH International Archery Association (HDH-IAA)

HDH stands for Health, Disease, and Humanity, and at the heart of its programs is the act of “helping each other achieve the fullness of a healthy life.”

HDH-IAA is an international federation for all those who seek to promote the health of others as they pursue their personal dreams and aspirations.

These include the athletes, coaches and officials who seek to elbow-up on the podium in the Games of the Olympiad and Paralympics.

This also includes coaches, instructors, referees, range officers, physicians and others who seek to make a difference in the communities where they live, work and play.

North America comprises the separate regions of HDH-IAA North America, which principally comprises the United States and Canada, and the HDH-IAA Panamericana, which principally comprises the Republic of Cuba. The HDH World Cup is a worldwide event with which HDH-IAA North America is in partnership.

International Bowhunting Organization (I.B.O.)

International Field Archery Association (IFAA)

The IFAA is the world sanctioning body for three field archery disciplines: Target Archery, Field Archery, and 3D Archery. Established in 1971, the IFAA has an active membership of over 100 member associations in 64 countries, with a worldwide membership exceeding 16,000.

The IFAA is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, where it manages the World Archery offices. The IFAA also produces the annual World Archery Congress, an international gathering where member associations from around the globe convene.

The IFAA conducts world championships in Target Archery, Field Archery and 3D Archery. The IFAA conducts several other tournaments and projects throughout the year, with the objective of promoting accurate skill-based archery shooting and the enjoyment of the archer and bowhunting worldwide.

The IFAA has organized World Field Archery Championships every two years since the organization’s founding in 1971. The first IFAA World Field Archery Championships were held at Cenarth in Wales (United Kingdom) in 1973.

World Traditional Archery Organization (WTAO)

The World Traditional Archery Organization (WTAO) is the world-wide governing body for Traditional archery.

USA Archery Associations and Bodies

Incumbent Susan DeMatteis was elected to represent USA Archery (USAA) at the Board of Directors for the International Archery Federation (WA) in June 2018. USAA is the governing body for archery in the United States and has been since 1922. They provide world-class guidance, education, and training to those who are pursuing archery and its sports.

Archery Trade Association (ATA)

Archery Trade Association (ATA) is the world's largest and most comprehensive trade organization for archery manufacturers, supporting the archery industry.

USA Archery (National Archery Association)

USA Archery (United States Archery) is the national governing body for Olympic, target archery and field archery in the United States. It is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The organization was first known as the American Amateur Archery Association, which held its first national championship in 1939. It held the first U.S. Olympic trials in 1940, with an archery demonstration at the opening ceremonies of that year's Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

In 1945, as a result of the merging of the AAAA and the National Field Archery Association, the group's name became the United States Archery Association. In 2003, the group changed its name to USA Archery, reflecting the large number of international members, including archery legend and multiple Olympic medalist Kai Holm.

USA Archery is the national governing body that represents the United States in the Fédération Internationale de Tir with the world governing body of archery, World Archery Federation, as well as other national, geographic or provincial bodies.

Archery Shooters Association (ASA)

The Archery Shooters Association (ASA) is the governing body for the sport of 3D archery. The organization was founded in 1959.

This organization sanctions tournaments all over the country. The basic level of membership gives participants a voting voice, and some insurance benefits.

This is a great organization to join if you are looking to shoot at some local tournaments.

Horse Archery USA

Horse Archery USA is a competitive equestrian archery organization located in Southern California that helps organize and promote the sport across the United States. There are member clubs that are located in states that include Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Zebra Sport USA

The Zebra Sport US is a competitive equestrian archery organization that helps organize and promote the sport across the United States. There are member clubs that are located in states that include Alabama, Arizona Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia Washington and Wisconsin.

Hi-Impact Archery

Hi-Impact Archery is a competitive archery outdoor club that is located in Central Pennsylvania. They are a group of families and individuals with a love and interest in the sport of archery and who enjoy spending time together while doing something they all enjoy.

Free Spirit Bowhunters

Free Spirit Bowhunters is located in Saint Charles, Ohio and is a family friendly archery organization that organizes and promotes the sport of archery.

Mounted Archery Association of the Americas (MA3)

National Archery in Schools Program (NASP ® )

Program (NASP ® ), a program founded by.

Response to the Columbine High School

Shooting, is in its 15th year and is.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary. NASP ® has

Never been more popular than it is now.

The NASP ® Program Is in Every State in

The U.S.A. and in all fifty states including

Washington, D.C. and has grown to over

20,000 schools, 1.3 million students, 11

Million instructors/coaches and over 430,000.

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The NFAA, the largest national archery.

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National Field Archery Association (NFAA)


The NFAA is responsible for overseeing and administering two large shoots at the 64-team World Archery Target Championships. The National Field Archery Association also oversees 18 affiliated state and provincial organizations on a regional and national level.

The organization also hosts the Archery Festival in May in Grinnell, Iowa.

Founded in 1952, the NFAA is the largest nongovernmental archery association in the world with over 60,000 members, including over 2,000 coaches and over 100 employees.

Scholastic Archery Association, DBA Scholastic 3D Archery Association (S3DA)

An association of schools promoting the sport of 3D archery as an academic and athletic extracurricular activity. S3DA's goal is to be the leader and voice in the scholastic archery industry through integrity, responsibility and sportsmanship. Represents and promotes the interests of nearly 2,000 archers in over 500 schools across the United States, and operates the nation's largest state high school tournament circuit.

United States Collegiate Archery Association (USCA)

The USCA is the governing entity for collegiate archery in the United States (USA). The USCA has over five hundred members across the country with forty eight teams competing for the national championship each year. Team members are selected through a tryout process and represent a variety of colleges and universities from across the country.

The USCA offers two types of individual tournaments ” Collegiate National Championships and Regional Championships. The National Championships offer three different divisions including Recurve Bow, Barebow, Traditional Longbow and is held in a 4-day tournament in the spring at a National Championship Tournament center. The Regional Championships are held in addition to the National Championships and offer two divisions including Recurve Bow and Freestyle. The Regional Championships are two day events held in the fall at a location near the collegiate chapter.

USCA Competitive Archery Leagues (CAL) are sanctioned through the USCA and typically are an off-season venue to practice, meet other collegiate archers, and compete. The leagues are held on various dates during the fall and spring seasons at locations across the United States.

The USCA is based out of Columbia, Missouri and is headed by a board of directors that represents all areas of collegiate archery, USCA sponsors weekly practices, tournaments, and competitions for all collegiate archers.

The USCA is a member under the World Archery Federation and United States Olympic Committee.

State Archery Associations and Bodies

There are California Archers, Dallas Fort Worth Archers Association, Montgomery County, MD, National Archery in the Schools Program, Illinois Bowhunters Association, Mississippi Archery Association, The Archery Association of America, Peoria Sportsmen's Club, Indiana Archery Association, Texas Archery Association, Arizona Target Bowhunter Association, South Florida Archery Association, Georgia Bow Hunters Association, Atlanta Archers, The Wisconsina Bowhunting Organization, USA Archery, Utah Archery Association, Tidewater Archery Group, New York Longbowmen, Colorado Bowhunting Association, Rowan Bowmen, Northwest Sherwood Archers, Florida Sporting Clays Association, Ohio Archery Association, Apple State Bowmen, Ohio Bowmen’s Association, Archery Shooters Association of America, National Field Archery Association & American Bowhunters.




Tucson, AZ.

Goldfish Archers Club is a field and 3D archery club located in Tucson, Arizona. The club holds practice sessions every Wednesday evening from September through May.

The club is dedicated to building archers and archery enthusiasts!

Mountain Javelinas Archery Club

Sahuarita, AZ.

Mountain Javelinas Archery Club is a non-profit Youth Development Club located in Sahuarita, Arizona. The club is dedicated to developing archers, promoting education, and community service.




The Colorado Springs Archery Club (CSCA) is a non-profit, pro-am archery club located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was formed in January 1987 and continues to be a successful club today. The club is open to all ages and skill levels.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Colorado Springs Archery Club is to build a strong youth archery program that prepares young people for success in their lives through training and competition.

The Club consists of: Indoor and outdoor archery ranges, with 20+ 3D targets for a variety of games; 3D archery, field archery and the 3D Archery Round that use re-curve and compound bows. The club offers adult archery leagues. CSCA hosts several tournaments a year including the Colorado State Archers Club Invitational, Larimer County 3D League, Larimer County Bullseye League, Rocky Mountain Invitationals, Rocky Mountain Cup, Colorado State Indoor/Outdoor State Championships.


The Connecticut Archery Association is an organization designed to promote archery in Connecticut. The group hosts several tournaments annually, where archers can compete against each other in an effort to win medals. There are traditionally three classes at CA events: traditional, 3D, and hunting.

Out of all of the classes, traditional arrows seem to be most popular, and this is especially true for veteran archers. As you might expect, the tournament tends to attract a lot of people who favor traditional archery.


2004 Athens Dr.

Bear, DE 19701.


FAA is a fraternal organization and deals with the aspects of traditional archery (particularly long-bow). The organization is the voice of traditional archery in Florida, and participates in activities such as trail maintenance, public education, and workshops.

FAA is home to many Florida archers, including some of the world’s finest. FAA provides a regulated and competitive atmosphere for individuals to achieve high standards


Whether it be Olympic Archery, 3D Archery, Field Archery, Bowhunting or Bowfishing, we shoot everything from Bulls-eyes to turkeys, deer to gators and everything between. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner we have something for you to participate in. We have several youth programs for the new archery enthusiasts to enjoy as well. Regardless of your experience we will find something that is fun and exciting for you to participate in.

We have two indoor 3D archery ranges, a rental bow shop, practice backyard archery range and a regulation regulation outdoor 3D archery range.

As a club member you’ll have access to all the club maintenance equipment (saws, drills, saws, etc) as well as the club shop equipment.

We have a club 3D archery shoot the first Saturday of every month and a practice session the third Saturday of the month. This is a great opportunity to try out different archery equipment and get pointers from more experienced archers.


The Hawaii Archery Association has the purpose of promoting archery for recreation, competition, and conservation.The association is composed of bowhunters, primitive archers, hunters, and bowfishers.

It is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization under the Honolulu (HI) based Archers of Hawaii.


The Idaho Archery Association was formed in 1989 with the purpose of promoting the safe and ethical practice of archery. We are an affiliate of the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) and as such, abide by their rules and regulations when running tournaments.

We promote the development of archery in this state for the individual including those who practice target, field, or 3-D archery. Our members compete at an increasing high level in such sports and activities as 3-D, hunting, fishing, a host of local, regional, and state tournaments. We also offer year round coaching for target archery, and help with fish and game licenses to those that request it.

Our members consist of bowhunters, bowfishers, tradional target shooters, experienced 3-D shooters, and beginners. Many members will compete in multiple sporting events during a year, and sometimes all sports in one year.


Baltimore, Maryland, US.


This organization is one of the oldest and largest statewide archery associations in the United States. It has been around for over 35 years and was founded in 1973. The reason why archery has become such a popular and important sport in Indiana is because of the efforts of the IAA.

The main mission of the IAA is to introduce more people of all ages and backgrounds to the sport of archery. This noble mission is achieved by devoting all of its energies into growing its members base in all areas of Indiana as well as throughout the states of the United States of America.

There are two main ways in which the IAA achieves its mission. First of all, it organizes contests and tournaments that are suitable for young and adult sportsmen. These events are often held outdoors and are perfect for observing, promoting and spreading the knowledge of archery.

The second way the IAA pursues its mission is by introducing archery to school systems and youth centers in its domain. These activities are highlighted by lessons and group activities suitable for children and teenagers who will hopefully remain interested in archery for longer.



The Amateur Target Bowler Association (ATBA) is the oldest single sports archery association in the world. It was started by J. B. Couse, who for many years owned a franchise of the now defunct Brunswick Automatic Bowler. He attempted to get the Brunswick bowler machine into the popular Glenwoods Park near Kansas City, and it also drew big crowds at a local amusement park, Worlds of Fun.

Kansas City is also the annual site of the ATBA National Target Archery Championship. This competition is hosted by the Independence, Missouri Sportsmen's Association, now the Kansas City Sportsmen's Association. The winner of this contest takes home the coveted ATBA National Target Archery Championship plaque, first presented in 1927, which honors the memory of Herbert Johnson, who died in 2006.





Archery Association Maryland Archery Association is a local chapter of the National Field Archery Association (N.F.A.) here in the state of Maryland.

This is accomplished by conducting local competitions, providing education programs, setting up events throughout the year for the member clubs, and by bringing field archers together in the general community and on the internet.

Maryland Archery Association’s primary goal is to help field archers of all ages and skills. We provide education and training in the sport of field archery. We promote bowing in a variety of manners to accomplish the goals of the organization and we work to making the sport available to as many people as possible.

N.F.A. (National Field Archery Association) Site: National Field Archery Association, Baltimore, Maryland. N.F.A. is a non-profit organization with local chapters world wide that promotes education in the sport of field archery. N.F.A. provides a guideline for running local competitions and league events. This also includes holding seminars and training, and providing materials for those who are seeking to learn about the sport.


  • USA Archery Association
  • The Massachusetts-USA Archery Association (USA Archery MA-AA or MAUSA Archery) is the governing body of archery in Massachusetts, United States. Merit badge programs are offered and a voter registration service is offered to members.


The Michigan International Archery Association (MIAA) is the Upper Peninsula’s regional archery association. It is one of fourteen affiliates of the National Field Archery Association (NFAA).

The Association is an organization of bowhunters and bowhunting enthusiasts that promotes the conservation of our hunting heritage and the great outdoors through a year-round calendar of events that includes general, organized shooting events and bowhunting education.

MSU Archery Club

The Michigan State University Archery Club is a club for students at Michigan State University in East Lansing that promotes the sport of archery at Michigan State University.

The Club rents competition grade recurve bows and provides tips and help for recreational students of the sport. Club members compete in archery competitions both in Michigan and throughout the country.


The Minnesota Field Archery Association (MFAA) is a not-for-profit organization of archery enthusiasts dedicated to the advancement of sport archery in it’s many forms, with a focus on traditional field archery. They are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The MFAA holds many fun and instructional events from pistol to 3D shoots regularly. They also support the fledgling Minnesota 3D Field Archery Association, which strives to grow traditional field archery in Minnesota.



Archery Association The goal of MoAA is to make archery a recognized and respected hunting and recreation activity here in the State of Missouri. To do this, they contribute to the efforts of the Missouri Department of Conservation to make archery hunting and bowfishing available.


From the site:

"This site is intended to provide information for both the archer who has never shot a bow and the archer who has shot all of their life. We have set up this site to make it as easy as possible to find the information that you need to be successful on the ranges.

Here are some of the types of topics that will be discussed:

  • How to draw a recurve bow
  • How to shoot a compound bow
  • How to shoot at a 3D Course
  • Is there a difference between American Compound bows and Olympic recurve bows
  • How to use a bow sight
  • How to shoot a target with tournament scoring
  • How to be a tournament director
  • Does a bow really store energy?
  • What is the proper arrow weight
  • How to build "the perfect" shot (form, equipment, etc.)"


The Nebraska Archery Association, which is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, was organized in 1974 by a small group of bowhunters. The groups annual convention is hosted by a local bowhunter or bowhunting business in Nebraska. The organization, which has currently over 300 members, has managed to create a lobbyist office in the capitol of Lincoln along with a wildlife office that strives to help preserve the sport of archery in Nebraska. The group holds an annual shooting contest, an auction, banquet, and it sponsors youth hunts.


Nevada Archery Association aims to promote interest in traditional archery and to help organize bow hunters nationally. We want to help keep bow hunting as a relevant and viable tool in North America and elsewhere.

New Hampshire

New Jersey

The New Jersey Archery Association (NJAA) was established in 2005 as an organization for all archers in the New Jersey/New York City metropolitan area. The NJAA is dedicated to the advancement of the sport of archery by providing a friendly atmosphere for archers of every level of skill during any practice sessions or competitions.

The NJAA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The NJAA is a new organization, but existing archers are already showing support in the form of sponsorships and donations.

Some ways in which the NJAA provides goods and services include:

  • Meeting at least a dozen times a year doing the following:
  • Re-working and re-designing the NJAA website
  • Doing various presentations and demonstrations of archery at places ranging from schools to nursing homes and everything in between
  • Organizing shoots for beginners and intermediate archers and competitive matches for highly skilled archers
  • Organizing team shooting, a form of archery where two teams of two archers shoot simultaneously at a single target from opposite ends of the line.
  • Playing a part in the annual Indoor Archery League (IAL) which is comprised by multiple archery squads across the area.

New Mexico

New York


USA Archery is the National governing archery sport organization in the United States.

USA Archery was founded in 1926 in New York when archery was added to the summer Olympic program. The New York Archers are affiliated with the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) which is the U.S. representative to FITA, (the international representatives of field archery). The New York Archers are also a member of the US Olympic Committee (USOC) and United States Para-Olympics.

The New York Archers also host an annual Indoor 3D shoot as part of the NFAA Indoor Nationals, and the NYAA Indoor and 3D shoot.

The NEW YORK ARCHERS, INC is the largest archery organization in New York State.

North Carolina

I am a member of the North Carolina Archery Association. I started out as a archery student at Fletch O’Rama in 2002. I enjoyed the sportsmanship and helping my friends learn the sport. I only shot a few tournaments in the early years, but always enjoyed being part of the archery world.

One night at a social event an archer mentioned the North Carolina Archery Association and I thought it sounded neat. Since I am a great lover of North Carolina, I thought it would be interesting to see how we could grow the archery world here.

I am now the Treasurer of the North Carolina Archery Association and when I was elected to the board I found out about a program that teaches archery to middle and high school classes. We have volunteer instructors from around the state who range from first-year students to veteran archers.

We now have teams called the Wildcatters and Crockeaters in the schools I work in. These students are the ones who get to practice archery on a weekly basis. These students love to come and practice as much as possible.

North Dakota



The Oklahoma State Archery Association (OSAA) is one of the United States' largest state associations in the United States. They promote the growth and development of archery and bowhunting in Oklahoma. OSAA has close to 4,500 members throughout the state of Oklahoma with a variety of opportunities and activities to suit archers of all ages and levels of experience.

They sponsor a School Shoot Program and a Club Shoot Program. This program offers archers a great opportunity to get more information, hunt in different places, and even shoot in an archery tournament.

OSAA holds 2 State Tournaments (late June) each year. One is an Adult State Championship and the other is a Youth State Championship. These tournaments offer opportunities for archers of all skill levels to participate in a variety of shooting events.

OSAA sponsors an annual youth hunting school in conjunction with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) and the All American Bowhunters Association (AABA).

The purpose of this school is to introduce youth hunters and new archers to the sport of bowhunting. An archery pro-shop in Stillwater offers a wide variety of services, equipment, and supplies to archers of all skill levels.

Incorporate shooting skills in your fitness program.

Use a target in your yard for practice.



  • Basic Hunter Education training is required every three years.
  • You must purchase a license and tag before doing any hunting.
  • Everyone over age 12 must have a Pennsylvania hunting or furtaker license.
  • Everyone under 12 must have a Pennsylvania junior hunting license.

Regulations by Species and Species Category

  • Squirrels may be hunted year-round with the exception of the closed season for fox squirrels.
  • Hunting hours for squirrels in all wildlife management units is half-hour before sunrise to half-hour after sunset.
  • A valid Big Game Hunting license is needed to hunt bear, bobcat, coyote and wild boar.
  • A valid Migratory Game Bird Hunting license is needed to hunt wild turkey, crow and woodchuck.
  • A valid Furbearer Hunting license is needed to hunt fox squirrel, raccoon and opossum.
  • A valid Archery Hunting license is needed for hunting deer, bear and wild boar.
  • A valid Muzzleloader Hunting license is needed for hunting bear.
  • A valid Hunter Education stamp must be issued with the appropriate license.
  • Each hunter may carry only one firearm.
  • A valid Antlerless Deer Permit must be issued with the appropriate hunting license.

Rhode Island

The RI Archery Association is a Rhode Island Archery association that is committed to promoting the sport of archery and bowhunting through education, promotion and, of course, having fun.

We recognize that, when done properly, archery can be a safe and enjoyable activity for anyone at any age.

South Carolina

South Carolina Archery Association is a volunteer organization which promotes archery safety, outdoor recreation, and conservation of natural resources through education, training, consultation, and coordination of events and tournaments.

NSCA – National Sporting Clays Association

The National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) is the only national organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of clay target shooting. NSCA membership includes more than 600 organized shooting clubs and associations, chapters in 44 states throughout the United States.

South Dakota

Archery Association Directory.

Each year SDAA sponsors competitions in local areas encouraging archers to participate in these events.

Each year there is a Youth Tournament for kids 5-16 years of age.

Every year the SDAA holds a Members-Invitational Tournament on the first Saturday in August.

It is during this week SDAA hosts the annual Banquet at the Aberdeen conference center.

The SDAA held the first annual Midwest Indoor Hardwood Championship in April 2009 at the Bear Creek Hunt Club in Aberdeen, SD.

SDAA maintains a board, made up of SDAA members, who serve as a governing board for SDAA.


Education to promote skill development, safety, and goodwill within the.

Crossbow community. Crossbow invites other bowhunters to join their

State Organization so They Can Represent Archery in Tennessee on the World



The Texas Archery Association is open to everyone that shoots a bow. If you are a hunter, a target shooter, or just like to pull back on something and watch an arrow fly, we invite you to join our association. We have two locations, one in Denton, and one in Fort Worth. There is no minimum experience requirement and any equipment needed can be rented while you are a member. The association includes activities and competitions for all ages and skill levels including children’s programs. Be sure to check out our website and find out how you can get involved with the TAA.


Archery Association: USAA

The Utah Archery Association of Utah is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their mission is to promote the sport of archery and its use within the State of Utah through education and organization.

They provide:



The VAA is a grassroots archery association that covers the Virginia Peninsula and Middle Peninsula areas. It is divided into two regional areas to serve you better. Each area is headed by a Supervisor who is supported by the Regional Commissioners.

We have two organizations to serve you even better. Our sports shooting division AKA the Virginia Archers Society (VAS) is active on many shooting ranges sponsoring weekly leagues such as Steel Challenge Shooting, Field Archery, 3D Archery, 5-Spot Archery and 10-Spot Archery.

Our indoor archery division AKA Indoor Archery Association of Virginia (IAAV) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It sponsors indoor archery leagues, provides coaching sessions, and equipment for youth groups and junior archers. The IAAV also provides coaching for the VAA.

Scoring, up-to-date information, VAA email updates, VAA and VAS schedules, range inventory, and guidelines are always available on our website and the VAA Facebook page.


WNAA is a nonprofit,501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to promoting the technical, competitive, recreational, and educational facets of archery in the state of Washington. With over 2000 members, WNAA is the largest archery organization in the state. WNAA offers many programs to support all aspects of archery.

West Virginia


Wisconsin Sporting Clays Association offers the largest and most diverse sporting clays program in Wisconsin. WSCA was formed in 2003 to provide a forum for the growing sport of sporting clays. Member clubs may have up to three courses on property. At least one course must have ten stations. A member club may not add nor remove courses from their property without a vote of the membership.

WSCA conducts a State Championship for both men and women shooters.

WSCA promotes fellowship among sporting clays shooters through online Match Scheduling and Results management provided from the website, and an email alert system to communicate information and notifications regarding our sport. WSCA sponsors and promotes the development of new shooting facilities in Wisconsin. WSCA helps launch Shooting Sports in new areas by providing assistance in obtaining grants from the State of Wisconsin, Department of Natural Resources and Sporting Land Trust.


The mission of the Wyoming Sportsman’s Alliance is to promote responsibility, safety and tradition in the enjoyment, education and conservation of wildlife and our environment.

The Wyoming Sportsmen's Alliance is a statewide, non-profit, tax-exempt organization that was formed in 1984 for the purpose of coordinating wildlife and fisheries legislation, to assist in wildlife conservation projects including providing financial support for wildlife conservation through.

Legislative Support

Wyoming Sportsmen's Alliance provides member associations with the tools and resources needed to accomplish their mission.