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Ever notice how one person’s perfume smells lovely to one person but strong and unpleasant to another? It’s because of your own unique body chemistry and that’s why some smells are completely unnoticeable or worse still, pungent and offensive to you. The same holds true for dogs, who may find the smell of many things you find acceptable, difficult to tolerate.

For that reason, do you have a pet that has started to avoid leaving their outdoor bathroom in your backyard? Or do you have a smelly stroller that’s responsible for you accidentally knocking over your child’s drink at the local coffee shop? It’s possible that you’re not using the best scent killer products to combat the smells and prevent them from wafting throughout your home, yard or playground.

Here are the best scent killers you can use to eliminate offensive odors that come from your pets, your shoes and your ride.

Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter KitBest OverallDead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit
Illusion Systems PhaZe Body Odor SystemBudget PickIllusion Systems PhaZe Body Odor System
BoneView Ozone GeneratorUpgrade PickBoneView Ozone Generator

1. Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit

Our rating: 9 / 10

Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit

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  • Very affordable
  • Comes with field spray, bar soap, laundry detergent, and a lip balm
  • Field spray is reusable and can eliminate your scent from a distance of 25 feet
  • Bar soap
  • Lip balm


  • No airing out period
  • Might not eliminate smells of more than one person
  • Casing of some items might suffer from corrosion
  • Feels greasy and sticky on skin

The Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter kit is one of the best hunting scent killers that you can find on the market. The best thing about this kit is that it comes with so many premium items for an even more affordable price. It also comes with extra items such as a lip balm and a bar of soap, which we appreciate.

While we can’t say that this kit covers all the aspects of scent elimination, it does cover most of them. It has waterproof bar soap, a lip balm that smells good, and a lotion that can be used on your whole body in case you find yourself in a fix. The lip balm and lotion also smell good. The laundry detergent can be used in any washing machine, including a front-loading one.

2. Scent Control Spray

Our rating: 7 / 10

Scent Control Spray

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  • Doesn’t kill everything like bleach
  • Works for both wet and dry clothes
  • No unpleasant scent
  • Even works on waterfowl
  • Great price


  • Uncomfortable smell
  • Doesn’t cover layers of clothing
  • You need to use it frequently

It is no fun to be in the woods or the duck blind and be in contact with funky-smelling gear and clothing. We know it’s not something you’d rather do and neither do we, which is why we’re recommending this great-smelling deodorizing spray for you to use when you’re in the woods.

The Scent Control spray from Remington is a specially designed odor elimination spray. It’s made from a special odor eliminator which neutralizes and eliminates odors without being too deadly to the environment. In fact, it’s 100% biodegradable.

3. Illusion Systems PhaZe Body Odor System

Our rating: 7 / 10

Illusion Systems PhaZe Body Odor System

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  • Targets areas of the body that produce odor
  • Instantly eliminates odor
  • Safe for use anywhere
  • Made with aloe vera
  • Did we mention it targets odor-producing areas?
  • Long-lasting: won’t rub off like deodorant
  • Easy to use – just apply and go
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in five (5) different women scents: Sun-Moonlight, Snow, Ebony, Cherry Blossom, and Ocean
  • The aerosol spray lasts up to two (2) months

4. BoneView Ozone Generator

Our rating: 7 / 10

BoneView Ozone Generator

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  • Lasts for 8 hours without having to charge
  • No replacement cartridges required
  • Reaches up to 250 cubic feet of enclosed space
  • Strongest Ozone Generator available

This is the best deer hunting clothes washer you can find. It’s an ozone generator that will help you get rid of the smells in your deer hunting clothes without using water. In other words, this tool will get rid of that strong deer smell.

This one is specifically designed for hunting vests, gloves, belts, boots and even shoulder pads. You can use this with any hunting gear, including your backpack. Its useful for all environments and weather conditions.

5. Scent Crusher Realtree Camo Gear Bag

Our rating: 6 / 10

Scent Crusher Realtree Camo Gear Bag

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  • Cheap to own
  • Research showing effectiveness
  • Not dependent on chemistry
  • Spray from any angle
  • Doesn’t cause skin irritation
  • You can use it immediately


  • Doesn’t work well in windy situations
  • Isn’t as effective as a ozonizer

As a hunter, your prey will try to track you, and that means that you’ll have to go through a lot of trouble to cover your scent. Scent Crusher is one of the best scent elimination brands on the market.

Scent Crusher will eliminate scent within 30 minutes after you spray it. Such is its effectiveness that it will handle all the odor in an area up to 1500 square inches. One of the things that we like about Scent Crusher is that it doesn’t use any chemicals.

There are no harmful chemicals that can harm your skin. This waterproof scent elimination spray is very easy to use, so whether you’re in the hunting field or at home, it’ll help you keep the smell of your activity within the area that you’ll spray. It contains no solvents, no acids, no oils, no chalk, and no bleach.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best hunting scent eliminator?

If you're doing a lot of hunting, especially for big game, consider a scent eliminator. You'll find odor-eliminating sprays, but other products that work as well are scent-proof pants, coats, and boots.

To effectively eliminate your scent, you'll need to use a combination of scent control clothing and a scent eliminator spray, or spray bottle. Look for an odor remover that doesn't contain any perfumes or fragrances which can be just as bad as leaving your natural scent behind. Also, stay away from aerosols as well as they often leave a chemical film behind.

Eliminating your scent isn’t just about attracting prey, it will also keep the wildlife away from you as well. Some wildlife, like bears and deer, are likely to charge a hunter that is using scent elimination products.

Do scent killers really work?

Scent killers are sprays or solutions containing enzymes and bacteria that literally eat away at the chemicals that create odors. These bacteria are being killed and are continuously being replaced by the spray, so they do eventually run out, but they work much faster than your body can naturally do. As soon as you spray a scent killer on, it doesn’t take long for it to go to work.

So do they work? Yes! In fact, many scent-killing products are so effective that you will notice their effectiveness within a few hours. How long does it take? How long will it take for the scent to go away? I’ve heard from some people who have had immediate results, and I’ve heard from others who don’t notice it working until a day or two after they have sprayed.

Does baking soda kill scent?

Yes and no. It’s very difficult to catch every smell, and a machine that could would be dangerous for your lungs. But as far as doing a significant amount of damage there are some poachers who have tried this method and gotten good results without respiratory problems.

The manufacturers of these machines are not likely to put on their website that they use baking soda and vinegar in their scent dispensers, but I can tell you that at least some of them do.

Baking soda can also be used in certain types of dry fertilizer to help inhibit the growth of aerobic bacteria. Some people say this helps limit scent and others say it doesn't make a difference.

Does ozone kill scent?

Yes. To the trained human nose, the difference between a hunt where ozone has been applied and one where it has not can be easily picked up. To a deer’s nose, however, ozone gives zero advantage. That’s because ozone is not particularly effective at masking human smells.

There are a handful of reasons. First, ozone is only effective at killing odors if the odor molecule and ozone molecule have a match-up. But human scent molecules, unlike ozone, are constantly changing. Even if ozone did kill the molecule that is causing the odor, new molecules can be produced by the body at any time. And given the fact that your nose can detect up to 10,000 different scents, removing only one or a few doesn’t make much of a difference.


Scent elimination can be a lengthy process, but this guide is going to make it as easy as possible for you. We hope it helps you through the smell elimination process without being overwhelmed. We want you to know how to eliminate your human smell on its own and separate from other odors in your home. The best approach is to eliminate your smell fast, so you don’t have to deal with the problem for too long.

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Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter KitBest OverallDead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit
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