Dude those archery trick shots are amazing….!

Anthony Cote
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I know what you are thinking…You find these incredible videos on Facebook or Youtube and you think, “Wow” these guys are great at Archery. You want to pick up your bow and try to hit a target just like them! But take a second to think about reality.

These videos are edited and speeded up to make it appear that the Archer is doing some unimaginable feat. It’s not possible to do these tricks in real life, the arrows are not going at the correct speed, and looks even more impossible.

What’s in the Video?

It’s pretty straight forward really; it’s a mix of archery trick shots and a cool vlog of the brothers on a road trip. If you’re a fan of the archery-clone Airbow, you’ll enjoy the fact their brand of archery is what you see in the video. You might also notice the fancy, high-end camping gear you wish you could also have.

Society as a whole is going to notice these young men as the future of video blogging. They have an easy going, down to earth, but humorous style. Most importantly, the content is entertaining.