Compound Bows

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Compound bows are very similar in appearance to a longbow.

Every part of a compound bow is engineered for the pull and release of the bowstring.

Every part of a compound bow is engineered for the pull and release of the bowstring.

The bowstring fits into a groove in the cams.

What’s the Best Compound Bow in 2022? – Our Reviews

These allow you to shoot arrows from a longer distance and are considered safer than the crossbow. Compound bows use cams and pulleys that apply more energy to the bow string. But not all compound bows are created equal. To find the best compound bow of the year, we reviewed for you the top rated compound bows available.

Bow Accuracy International has created a compound bow that is light weight and offers an exclusive 3 cam system. It offers you a range up to 50 meters and weighs around thirty seven pounds. This bow is durable and has a reasonable price which makes it a great compound bow.

Bow Hoyt Vector is equipped with the Power Driven System and is available in 2 exclusive cam layouts. Your position, draw length, and weight will determine what bow you choose. The bow is built to be ergonomic which reduces strain during use. This bow is an excellent choice.

Bow Bowtech Equalizer offers a specialized cam system with 3 different draw weights. It has a weight of around thirty five pounds and comes with shorter axel-to axle length. Bowtech is known for building quality compound bows and since 1990, it has been one of the bestselling bows around.

Bow Diamond Infinite Edge Pro also has adjustable draw weights. It offers a speed up to 320 feet per second and is equipped with the most unique cam system. Diamond has been consistently producing quality bows and the Infinite Edge Pro is a great compound bow that is affordable.