Top Bow : World Archery Competitions, Tournaments and Rules

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Archery Championships, Divisions and Shooting Distances

The bow is a very powerful weapon, which can kill animals, people and bring down big game. Some archers prefer to use crossbows. Crossbows are similar to bows and are used to project an arrow. Crossbows have been used for hunting in many Asian and African countries.

Archery is a major sport, and championships are commonly organized on a national, continental or world level. Some participants at the top level are professionals, whose income depends on winning the archery competitions. They will practice several hours a day to continuously improve their performance. Archers who are not professionals can still practice several times a week to maintain their level and prepare for local, national and international tournaments.

There are several forms and division of archery, which are recognized by the Olympic Committee.

Olympic Archery

As archery is an Olympic sport, many countries have their own national Olympic archery team. Teams from different countries compete against each other at the Olympic Games. There are events for both men and women and a separate event for mixed teams (men and women competing together). The events that are in the Olympic Games are:

Compound Bows: Compound bows use cams