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One of the easiest, and coolest, things you can make your own are arrows. To get started, get in touch with local archery shops or even professional archers in your area and offer to have them take you through the process. Almost all archers will be happy to help you with this. They are always in need of new and interesting ways to promote their sport.

If you can’t find anyone to help you, never fear. There’s plenty of resource material on the internet. There are numerous video tutorials and a few good books on how to make your own arrows.

The first thing to consider when making your own arrows is what you want them to be made from. The most common materials are aluminum or carbon. These materials can be bought in whole form or in different lengths.

Aluminum is the first material most new archers tend to use when creating their own arrows. It’s pretty easy to work with. It’s also easy to make arrows look great with paint. The only downsides are that aluminum arrows are heavier than carbon arrows and they actually cost more to make as well.

Solid Performance – The Best Fixed Blade Broadhead

The truth is that today’s competition is so strong that it’s got more than a few people thinking twice. This is especially true when it comes to the best fixed blade broadhead for your money. Some of today’s best models have left a lot of our best-selling brands in the dust. One example is the Razorhead 2.0. A lot of people are swearing by its superior performance against some of the best-performing models on the market. Razorhead is a study in how to develop a superb design and upgrade its features. Here are a few things Razorhead 2.0’s better design is boosting it over the competition.

Specially Designed Blades

Razorhead 2.0 uses its blades to slice cleanly through hide and bones. For that, it developed a combination of stellar features that include a high-quality serrated design. This feature makes it easy for the blades to give Razorhead 2.0 a super-sharp cutting edge. Also, the blade has been designed with a narrower body to allow for better penetration.