All You Need To Know About Archery Today : Introduction

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What is Archery?

Reaching back to biblical times, archery is the use of a projectile in order to hunt. Today, it is used for sport or even for entertainment.

Archery has been codified into numerous styles and disciplines. These are defined by their rules, style, equipment, and even target, though the basic aim remains the same.

The equipment required for archery is quite basic: bows, arrows, targets, and shooting lines. Rest assured that the equipment is not as expensive or difficult to acquire as one may think.

Archery is very popular in the United States and has been the subject of many movies. One of the most famous depictions is Robin Hood.

Modern Day Archery

What It Is And How It Has Changed.

The sport of Archery is thousands of years old. In fact, it was one of the first sports that the human species took up. We have even found evidence of bows and arrows before we have discovered the first spear.

We know that the sport grew with the human race and that almost every group that settled in new lands fashioned bows and arrows for hunting and protection.

About 250 B.C., we have found bows in one of the pyramids in an unplundered tomb. It is evident that the sport was held in high esteem by the ancient Egyptians.

It's clear that Hunting and Protection were the two biggest reasons that most people took up archery as a sport. However, Hunger and War have never been far behind.

Persia, Greece, Rome and the Vikings all passed laws stating that children would be trained in archery from an early age.

The sport was so popular that the Greeks actually made it their Olympic Sport.

The Romans made it a religion as well and were so enamored with archery, that they used to reward young children who'd hit their target.

In fact, the reward was so great that many parents actually practiced with a bow and arrow just so that their children could do better.

The Origins of Archery

O nce man discovered their proficiency with their hands, rather than with their limbs, he began to make the first hunting devices. These weapons made it possible for man to kill the largest animals for food. Man soon discovered that certain animals became a nuisance, and the easiest way to do away with them was to shoot them with arrows. Once man learned to shoot animals with bows and arrows, the skill became refined by competition. Survival turned to sport. A form of competitive archery called the Olympics now exists. This sport is a proven means of capturing the elusive animal of your choice.

Today, archery has evolved as one of the true lost arts of man. The equipment is extremely high tech, but can be mastered with a bit of patience. Every argument about which is better, the bow or the gun can now be silenced. There are advantages to each. Some are within the same category. Bows have been improved greatly in recent years. Not only can bows be used for hunting and sporting events, but they are also great for eliminating pests in a safer manner. Some modern bows are equipped with latex strings to eliminate the possibility of having a bowstring snap. After all, many people object to using guns for just this reason.

The earliest arrow discovery

Dates back to the stone age, which means archery has been in practice for over ten thousand years. At that time, arrows were handmade, handheld launched projectiles that were made of wood or bamboo.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, arrowheads were mass-produced and quickly became more advanced. Today, arrows are made of aluminum, carbon, or titanium, and carbon fiber. They are either made of a mixture of polymers, wood, plastic, and fiber glass. Nowadays, arrows are launched from bows of various designs like recurve bows, long bows, and compound bows.

The oldest bow ever found

Is somewhere between 35,000 and 40,000 years old.

The Evolution of Archery

Archery, the art and sport of using a bow and arrow to take game or to hit a target, is one of the oldest and most popular sports in the world. It has been used by both men and women, historically, to hunt, but has also been used in warfare as well as in traditional ceremonies.

The art of archery is often associated with areas of the world where people have no access to modern firearms. As such, archery is widely used by many in the poorer parts of the world. It is also known as a sport that involves strength, flexibility, and visual acuity.

There are more than a few variations of archery, though most of them involve the use of bows that are placed on a wooden stand to prevent lowering the bow arm, which is believed to improve accuracy. The most popular variation is known as target archery, which uses a bow and arrow to hit targets from short distances. Another variation is field archery, which is when a target is set at a long distance, and the archer must use a bow that allows the arrow to fly in an arc. FITA is a popular form where archers shoot at structures at distances ranging from 10 to 70 yards.

Archery in Mythology and Religion

The earliest evidence of human archery is carved on the walls of a cave in South Africa almost 20,000 years ago. Since then, archery has existed for a very long time, as we have been using bows for thousands of years.

Archery has had an ample amount of time to infiltrate itself into many different cultures, so it’s no surprise that archery is a staple of numerous religions and ancient stories. Many Greek and Middle Eastern myths include imagery and symbolism that pertain to archery. The Greek god, Apollo, is often depicted with a bow and arrow in his hands, as the Roman god of sun, war, and light, Sol. Apollo is also the Greek god associated with archery, which is why he is often depicted with the sun on his chest. Later, archery was incorporated into Chinese culture with the idea of chi, the metaphysical concept of qi, and the story of the god of the sun, Kánsô. Oracle bones found in China confirm the ancient Chinese use of archery.

How Archery can Benefit you Physically and Mentally

Archery is one of the world’s oldest recreational activities, originating thousands of years prior to the beginning of the written history. It has always been an extremely important field of sport, warfare, as well as a noble coming of age ritual for young men in several civilizations throughout the history.

Today, it has a great number of beneficial features. It is a unique combination of strength, grace and peaceful concentration. The range of individuals who use archery recreationally is increasing every year, from hunters to people who only enjoy the flight of the arrow. It is a perfect activity for family occasions, corporate team-building, outdoor vacations, and many other special festivities.

Archery is one of the few recreational activities which can be considered to be good for you. From a more scientific point of view, it can improve your reflexes, encourage balance in your body, bettering your posture, develop core strength, and improve your overall mental condition. It’s been proven that all of these benefits can help you in different other areas of your life, improving self-esteem and self-awareness, increasing concentration and focus, boosting your self-confidence and therefore increasing your overall quality of life.

How To Get Started in Archery

There are so many types of archery nowadays. Target archery is probably the most common and popular however. Since there are only a very limited number of ways you can accurately shoot at a target, you will have lots of options.

Other forms of archery include flight archery, hunting, bow fishing and much more.

Regardless if you are a beginner or an experienced archer, you will always have to be aware of the safety tips and necessary precautions to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Target archery is comprised of 5 disciplines: field, outdoor, three-dimensional, target and bowhunting.

Field Archery

This is a more technical and scientific form of the sport. It is also a lot more slower and delayed as compared to the others. Targets are placed in wooded areas or on grasslands. Shooting distances ranges from 30 meters to 90 meters and the targets are placed in the ground. The shoots are conducted in lanes so only one archer stands in each one.

Outdoor Archery

This type of archery is for the archers who love the outdoors. This is conducted in the great outdoors so you have no roof, no lanes and no tournament officials. The basic idea is a very simple one. Shoot arrows at what ever target you want and from wherever you choose. The only difference between Field Archery is that the targets are placed on trees and stumps and there is no shooting lane.